„State Ballet Berlin”


Title page for the programme of Berlin State Ballet 2012/2013.


In March of 2013, Yan Revazov faced one of his biggest challenges to date in photographing the Berlin State Ballet for their 2012/2013 programme. Under the direction of the world-famous Russian Ballet Star ‘Vladimir Malachov’, this company is, as some might say, simply perfect. Most notably in their rendition of ‘Swan Lake’ every ballerina is synchronized to perfection. Every line made is perfect and the corps de ballet breath as one. This undoubtedly makes the work much easier for our photographer and our retoucher ‘Ana Guimaras’ as seen even in the Title page of which we are very pleased about.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Vladimir Malachov and the dancers of the Berlin State Ballet for working with us on this shoot.


iKlicK photo studio team

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